Stop cuts to homelessness services

At a time of uncertainty for many communities across Australia, being able to access support is more important than ever.

Yet, in July 2021, the Federal Government is due to cut $56.7 million per year from Australian specialist homelessness services. This will have a huge impact on the sector's ability to provide vital support for Australian communities.

Homelessness Australia has written an open letter to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, urging him to stop the cuts to homelessness services. The letter has been co-signed by organisations working with or in the Australian specialist homelessness services sector, supporting this important issue.

Find a media release about the letter here

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Why is the cut happening?

In 2012, the Fair Work Commission made an equal remuneration order (ERO) for the social and community services industry, to address the gender based inequality in wages paid to workers in the sector.

Federal funding for ERO supplementation is due to end on 30 June 2021, and the Federal Government is planning to return to the funding levels seen in 2012, before the ERO was made.

Learn more about the ERO supplementation


What will the impact be for services and communities?

This loss of funding equates to around 567 workers, who provide vital services to prevent homelessness, secure access to emergency accommodation, and forge pathways to long-term housing for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Demand is already extremely high for homelessness services in Australia where, per day, an average of 260 people seeking support cannot be assisted due to capacity issues.

Cuts to already stretched homelessness services will mean more people will be unable to access the support they need, and will inevitably result in a surge in homelessness across the nation.


Read the letter to Josh Frydenberg