SLEEP IN YOUR CAR, Western Sydney 4-5 August

SLEEP IN YOUR CAR is a Fusion National initiative held at eleven Fusion centres across Australia during Homelessness Week 2017.  Now in its fifth year, SLEEP IN YOUR CAR 'western Sydney' is presented by Fusion Western Sydney and Platform Youth Services and aims to raise awareness and funds for those experiencing or "at risk" of homelessness.  The event also celebrates the resilience of young people in our community.  SLEEP IN YOUR CAR, western Sydney starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm at St Marys Station with music, a free bbq and interactive activities run by Fuion and Platform Youth Services and showcases the services in the community caring for the vulnerable.  Those who register to SLEEP IN YOUR CAR, will then head to the Veness Carpark for the overnight programme, ending with breakfast on Saturday 5 August at 8 am.