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Joint Submission of Homelessness Australia and Equality Rights Alliance to the Senate Inquiry on the Economic Security of Older Women



Homelessness Australia calls on all parties to commit to ending and preventing homelessness. (February)

Homelessness Australia’s key priorities and recommendations for the 2013/14 Federal budget. (January)


This paper is concerned with people who are more likely than average to experience homelessness in future. It explores complexity surrounding definitions of

This paper was developed by HA to inform the methodological review of Counting the Homeless. (June)

This paper provides a snapshot of the diversity of the community sector and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to diversity in a current

This evidence based policy paper seeks to define early intervention and prevention in both a homelessness and broader community services/social work contexts

Click here to read Homelessness Australia’s budget priority statement for the 2012/13 Federal budget. (January)

This document is Homelessness Australia interim report card on the implementation of the homelessness White Paper, The Road Home. Our assessments are based on

Homelessness Australia provided evidence to the Senate Inquiry into the adequacy of allowance payments for jobseekers and others. This is our submission

Our submission in response to the exposure draft Homelessness Bill 2012, in which we called for the legislation to be strengthened and expressed disappointment

Homelessness Australia’s submission in response to the regulation impact statement and the proposed national regulatory framework for community housing

The review of Commonwealth discrimination law offers an important opportunity to ensure that discrimination law contributes as effectively as possible, to the


This paper explores the links between homelessness and mental illness and outlines programs and services delivered by some of our member organisations that are

This paper explores the two dominant funding instruments for homelessness services in Australia, the National Affordable Housing Agreement and the National

This paper explores the impact that the loss of SAAP as a dedicated program has had on service delivery and the various reform processes that were underway

This evidence based policy paper explores issues to do with counting people experiencing homelessness using the Census. It explores issues of over-counting and

Homelessness Australia’s submission in response to the consultation paper on the development of a National Quality Framework to support quality services for