Australia is at a critical juncture in its approach to supporting some of its most vulnerable people. How a nation chooses to provide housing and support to those in need,…

This digital campaign kit contains all the information and resources you need to make it easy to support Homelessness Week online - sample tweets, shareable infographics, and key messages.

EVERYBODY'S HOME The Everybody’s Home campaign is calling for national action to end homelessness To sign up to the campaign as an organisation, visit- /

Your invitation to join us AHURI, in partnership with Homelessness Australia will convene the National Homelessness Conference 2018—Ending Homelessness Together, in Melbourne on Mon 6 and Tue 7 August 2018…

The Federal Government today tabled a Bill that puts national funding for housing and homelessness services at risk. Click the attachment below for Homelessness Australia's view on the tabled Bill.

In April 2017, Homelessness Australia released a position paper on a National Homelessness Strategy. See attachment below.

Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis, with house prices and rents rapidly increasing, and people paying so much for housing that they are forced into financial hardship.