Homeless Persons' Week 2013

Did you know that only 6% of people experiencing homelessness are on the street?  The rest are 'hidden' - and could be someone we know. pdfClick here to download a copy of our double sided poster.

HPW 2013 focused on four key groups that are hidden when it comes to homelessness (click on the images below to download a PDF information sheet)

ATSI coverDV coverothers coverstress cover

Thank you to everyone who participated in Homeless Persons' Week - you can read a wrap up here.

Many thanks to the talented James Weinert for our HPW 2013 illustrations.

Homeless Persons' Week 2012

2012 was our biggest Homeless Persons’ Week to date with over 80 events held across Australia to help raise awareness of homelessness. These ranged from sleep-outs at schools and by executives to soup kitchen days and homelessness expos to community art projects and morning teas.

The theme for HPW 2012 was Homing In on the real issues of homelessness, where the focus was on not only why people are homeless, but how they became homeless. The causes of homelessness are often complex and due to a number of reasons. Homelessness Australia identified 15 issues that contribute to a person becoming homeless that we provided information on during the year in our newsletters. HPW 2012 aimed to raise awareness of both the causes of homelessness in Australia and the potential solutions.

HPW 2012 was launched at Ladder Hoddle Street on Tuesday 7th August.  Staff from HA along with Acting Minister for Housing and Homelessness Julie Collins were joined by Ladder General Manager Mark Bolton and over 80 invitees from various government and not for profit organisations at the launch.

Homelessness Australia would like to thank all of the individuals and organisations involved in Homeless Persons’ Week in 2012, because without your time, energy and enthusiasm, HPW wouldn’t be the success it is. In addition, we wouldn’t be able to provide all of the resources we do without the support of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).


 Acting Minister for Housing and Homelessness Julie Collins, MP and Ladder General Manager Mark Bolton with some of the youth involved at Ladder Hoddle Street.


Homeless Persons’ Week 2011


Disadvantage doesn’t discriminate.

People of all backgrounds and ages are vulnerable to experiencing difficulties that may lead to homelessness.

This year’s Homeless Persons’ Week engaged diverse people, from diverse addresses for diverse reasons in the theme of
MY Address: diversity in homelessness.

Homeless Persons' Week 2010

The launch for HPW 2010 and Missing Persons' Week was held on Monday morning August 3 in Canberra. We thank the AFP for their support with these important weeks.  The HPW theme was "Will U be homeless in 2020?"  The focus groups of the campaign were young people, families (including women and children escaping domestic violence and over 55's.

Homeless Persons' Week 2009

In 2009 Homelessness Australia partnered with the Australian Federal Police for the first time for a joint launch of HPW and National Missing Persons' Week.  The theme of these weeks was "Where do they go?"  addressing the variety of places people go when they find themselves homeless or missing.

HA Chair Narelle Clay launches HPW 2009